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Special made to measure machines

TMUA designs and produces special machines following your specifications and requirements.

Our team carries out all operations : study, manufacture, assembly, electricity, automatism and set up on your premises. Thanks to our considerable experience in abrasive machining (polishing, grinding, deburring, sanding etc ), we design unique machines, specifically adapted to your needs, (Robotic cells, reels, polishing heads, cooperage machines…).

Cooperage machines

TMUA offers a wide range of machines specifically designed for the Cooperage industry :

Capstan, Stump milling cutter, Carving machines, Scalding machines…


This polishing machine makes series components, the parts are introduced and removed one by one on the same workstation. The polishing is performed using 5 polishing heads, a rotating plate operated by an indexer allows the changeover of each part in front of the polishing heads and in front of the workstation .

Robotic Cell

A robot picking up the part, deburring the part on both sides, weighing, marking and replacing on the output conveyor..