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The Polytour, mounted directly on a tool carriage, is used for skiving work, rough grinding work, polishing or micro-machining, on all cylindrical parts for all types of material, depending on the abrasive and the rollers used.

Three strip widths available : 50x2000mm, 75x2500mm ou 100x2500mm

The polishing unit is adjustable around the pin releasing the crankcase, depending on the requested use, working on the smooth band strand or on the touch wheel.

Motor specifications :
3 phase asynchronus motor 380V-2800rpm
Power : 2.2Kw for the Polytour 50mm and 4Kw for the polytour 75mm and

The Polytour is composed of :

  • A pin driven by driving belts with the motor
  • A grooved or smooth rubber touch wheel (depending on the application) to drive the abrasive band width 50mm (Polytour 50), width 75mm (Polytour 75) or width 100mm (Polytour 100).
  • A backstand spring system pneumatic option.
  • A protection crankcase with a suction nozzle.
  • A motor protective circuit breaker with a case and control buttons.
  • An ammeter permitting to evaluate the effort applied on the part.
  • A suspension ring permitting handling using a hoist.

Accessories :

  • A reinforced welded metal sheet base can be supplied, in order to maintain effectively the Polytour when it is dismounted from the tour and for storage.
  • A trolley in order to maintain the Polytour efficiently whilst it’s working on the part.
  • Special Polytour adaptable to your numerical control and crankcase 4 points Polytour with wet grinding and pneumatic backstand and also the possibility to work on the 4th wheel with adjustable effort and band cleaning nozzle.