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Using 1 or 2 work units "de forte puissance", identical or different, le WR can be used for "ébargage", l'ébavurage", brushing, micro finishing or manual polishing for parts of all materials and shapes.

The quantity of material to be removed determines the power of the machine (please consult our WR series if the power is not sufficient).

The motor and unit sets can be mounted as an option on a reinforced metal sheet stand.

The work units can pivot around the engine drive shaft, the casings are equipped with a suction nozzle  Ø 120mm..

Motor specifications :
3.7 Kw – 3000rpm-Power 220/380v 3 phase – One piece shaft with double outputs..

Control box :
Standard version : Magnetothermic circuit breaker and stop slam button
Version with variator : Speed variator with potentiometer, emergency stop and stop slam button

7 unités sont disponibles à droite ou à gauche :

  • Tank unit
  • Backstand unit
  • Brush unit
  • Polishing unit

Accessories :

  • Reinforced metal sheet stand
  • Backstand width 75 ou 100 mm
  • Protective screen adaptable to all units
  • Frequency variator
  • LED lighting
  • Choice of colours

Units details :

Tank unit

  • Use : grinding, deburring on metal or wood
  • Abrasive band 1500x150mm
  • Work turntable 350x175mm
  • Adjustable shelf

Backstand unit

  • Use : grinding, deburring on metal or wood, pre polishing with scotch brite band
  • Abrasive band 2500x50/75/100mm standard version
  • Contact wheel Ø 200x50/75/100mm standard version

Brush unit

  • Use : brushing, pre-polishing, descaling on metal
  • Metal brush Ø 250mm standard version

Polishing unit

  • Use : polishing on metal
  • Polishing wheel Ø 250 à 300mm (optional Ø400mm)