TMUA through the acquisition of SPMS technical assets in 2021 becomes the leading French supplier of superfinishing process solutions for automotive powertrains.

: It is a leading supplier of superfinishing machines for strategic engine/box components.

SPMS has supplied over 500 machines to major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers of automotive and aerospace components worldwide. As a result, TMUA has a well-equipped service network to provide support for all machine installations.

Why choose the SPMS process ?

SPMS, Number 1 in the design and manufacture of superfinishing machines

Focused on providing customised technical solutions on a global scale and founded in 1974, SPMS remains a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality stone and belt superfinishing machines for all powertrain applications.

The SPMS assets acquired and developed by TMUA are :


Over 40 years of heritage in machine building


500+ superfinishing and deburring machines


Experience in the design and construction of super finishing machines for the motor vehicle powertrain


State of the art manufacturing facilities in France


Sales and after sales service


Sales partners around the world 


Wide range of abrasives and consumables such as 3M, Norton supplied by AM2S

SPMS’s Main customers

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We have full control over all stages of production, think about TMUA.

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