TMUA specalises in the design and manufacture of complete and integrated industrial machine solutions for abrasive applications.


The company relies on an integrated design office of draughtsmen and automation
specialists as well as a production workshop with multiple integrated skills for a better
control. It is important to note that all of its manufacturing, whether mechanical or metalwork,
is carried out in-house.
TMUA has a standard range of machines adapted to all types of industrial workshops as well
as a recognised know-how for the design and manufacture of special machines tailored to
the customer's needs.

TMUA has the necessary in-house expertise to implement abrasive solutions.

TMUA is a small to medium sized company with 25 employees. All our
employees are trained to professionally recognised levels of competence, and are
specialised in the application of abrasives.


The company’s evolution in abrasion systems

Early 20th century

TMUA began at the beginning of the 20th century through the succession of companies specialising in abrasion, originally created by the Van Der Windt family, to meet the important industrial needs imposed by the war effort.


In 1984, TMUA, Techniques Modernes Universelles d'Abrasion, was created and took over the existing know-how in the manufacture of abrasives for industry.


The company left the Paris region in 1995 to settle permanently in Haute-Loire in the town of Langeac. The founder, Franck Van Der Windt, an Arts et Métiers engineer, set up a technical and multi-skilled workforce that enabled the company to develop and become well known in its market.


In 2014, the company was taken over by the Sibim group, headed by Pascal Brunel. Julien Ceret, partner and former technical manager of the company, becomes TMUA's operations manager.


In 2016, the company expanded its business and introduced a new range of standard machines with a new design that met the new safety standards. That same year, the company received an award for the » Takeover of the Year « from the CCI Haute-Loire. ( Chamber of Commerce)


In 2019, Julien Ceret leaves his post and a new organisation is set up, with three managers appointed for the three areas of action: Jérôme Barret for the mechanical division, Mathieu Feuillarade for the electrical and automation division and Frédéric Giroix for the production division.


In 2020 TMUA acquired AM2S, a company specialising in the distribution of abrasive consumables.


TMUA has acquired AM2S which supplies the abrasive products for all TMUA machines.

TMUA a racheté AM2S qui fournit les produits abrasifs de l’ensemble des machines de TMUA

TMUA and AM2S sont complémentaires. TMUA manufactures the abrasion
system machines, and AM2S supplies all the abrasion products and consumables.

Are you looking for a company to manufacture your abrasive machine?

We have full control over all stages of production, think about TMUA.
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2 voies des Mineurs,
ZA Chambaret Sud – 43300 Langeac

TMUA is part of the SIBIM group

Sibim is an industriel group comprising four companies, each specialising in special
machinery, la industrial subcontracting and trading in abrasive products.
With modern investments and several design offices specialising in mechanics and
automation or robotics, the strength of technical proposals and innovations has proved itself
in sectors as varied as aeronauticsluxury leather goods, food processing or machine tools.